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Far better than bronze, and it is indeed the Jordan brand for the new members of the new Wings camp - Air Jordan 1. Besides the lifelike statue shape, this may still with Wings series of unique hidden attribute. For more details please lock our follow-up reports. air-jordan-1-wings-2017.jpeg (486.29 KB, download number: 10) download is Air Jordan Wings 1 - Bronze 2017-3-20 08:42 upload air-jordan-1-wings-2017-3.jpeg (432.83 KB, download number: 13) download is Air Jordan Wings 1 - Bronze 2017-3-20 08:42 upload air-jordan-1-wings-2017-2.jpeg (417.64 KB, download number: 12) download is Air Jordan Wings 1 - Bronze 2017-3-20 08:42 upload air-jordan-1-wings-2017-4.jpeg (388.75 KB, download number: 12) download is Air Jordan Wings 1 - Bronze 2017-3-20 08:42 upload air-jordan-1-wings-20 Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping 17-5.jpeg (485.17 KB, download number: 11) download is Air Jordan Wings 1 - Bronze 2017-3-20 08:42 upload air-jordan-1-wings-2017-1.jpeg (488.96 KB, download number: 12) download is Air Jordan Wings 1 - Bronze 2017-3-20 08:42 upload air-jordan-1-wings-2017-6.jpeg (333.88 KB, download number: 9) Russian footwear alliance director Sergei Reid, the scene of cloth? production process of Chengdu shoes ~22 April 21st, in the 2007 China shoes held in Sichuan province Chengdu city of Sino Russian footwear trade fair, Chengdu and Russia signed the "Chengdu - the Russian footwear industry trade development cooperation framework agreement". The agreement: Chengdu shoes each year after two appearances regularly Moscow international professional shoes footwear exhibition, one of the world's hi cheap foamposites ghest level. "This means that the Chengdu shoe industry got into the Russian footwear market" golden key ", marks the Chengdu footwear industry is about to get out of the" gray customs clearance "dilemma, entered a formal international trade the road." Sichuan western shoes management committee said the person concerned. it is reported that in the trade fair, Chengdu well-known shoe-making enterprises in Kameido, Meilidian, Danlu represented with the Russian buyers signed 22 orders, turnover of up to $about 10000000. sponsored by the Chengdu Municipal Economic Commission, the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Chengdu Municipal People's Government of Wuhou District, Co Chinese shoes are CMC, the Russian economic and trade cooperation center, the Russian footwear association of the 2007 Retro jordans for sale Chinese shoes are Sino Russian footwear trade fair, not only attracted Russia's third largest trading company arapa, company (one of the 5 companies authorized by the regular Russian customs clearance) to join the organization of more than 60 trading companies, but also by the Russian footwear Alliance for their support and participation, but also the Russian "foreigners in the legal status of Russian Federation law" (hereinafter referred to as the test to the) after the promulgation of bilateral trade between China and Russia, the first high standard, professional the fair. According to reports, during the fair, all leather shoes signed by the contract will be exported directly to Russia through the form of large trade. in this regard, the western capital of Sichuan Shoes Co., Ltd. state owned cheap jordan shoes for men representatives and chairman Peng Jun in an interview with reporters laments: "this is a pioneering progress."!" Russian footwear alliance director Sergei? Brad Cove told reporters that he was the first to China, first entered China shoes are, zero distance contact and feel the charm of Chengdu shoes, impressed him, he also changed to "Chinese shoes do not good" prejudice. Sergei also pointed out that Chengdu footwear industry to keep up with the development of the Russian economy, so that products sell well around the world, but also in product quality, style and comfort on the hard work. arapa, the company responsible person Mr. Pavel told reporters, as early as 1990, the company sent him to Chengdu, then Chengdu shoes are a workshop, he was not with an enterprise)Very influential allian Cheap air jordan 12 ovo ce is NBA, many female stars like the NBA, some will visit the site to cheer for the favorite teams, players. And NBA players except for very high TV appearance rate, but also has a high salary, so players and female stars go to together also is constant some thing. But players and female star if really love that also do not have what can not, but some people but not to make a point of unitary moths. 1, Jordan and has sex tape stolen is known for the American porn industry most dedicated super actress Kelly is "Michael Jordan's lover, two people always like to faithfully recorded everything on the bed. But unfortunately one day a thief to steal Jordan's house, had set out to steal tape. 2, Rodman fertilization Madonna "tiger" Rodman has worked with the famous singer Madonna had a love with vigour and cheap jordans for sale mens vitality. Rodman had such a memory: I was in Las Vegas to play dice, received a Madonna from New York to call phone, I picked up the phone and Madonna kept said "I estrus, ovulation, hurry." So I dropped all the chips and flew to New York for 5 hours. After that, she played a handstand, the purpose is to pregnancy. I flew back to Las Vegas, but not the end of the game. 3, Kardashian Henry Vries 20 million wedding but only to maintain 72 days the entertainment socialite Kim - Kardashian is famous socialite, worked with ray shooting sex video, and the latter sold porn vendor. And Kim Kardashian Odom's sister-in-law is in addition to or wizards inside Humphris ex-wife, two people who love each other and held wedding worth $20 million, but love and lavish wedding is still difficult to meet the Kardashia cheap jordans online n's desire, final Kardashian abandoned smaller than their 4 year old Humphries, and the marriage was only maintained the 72 days. 4, Jackson - Mike dry daughter to make love and Kobe in a live game in the United States, Hollywood actress Nick · Ricci through the television camera to Kobe and the American audience shouted: "I love Kobe, because I want to make love with him". Ricci is the late superstar Jackson Michael's daughter, from the beginning of 2005, she has been the United States, Britain and other famous fashion media named best dressed actress. Ricci and Paris - Hilton is close friends, two people starring in reality show "the simple life" was very popular. 5, Francis sexual assault female singer 2010 in May, a 20 year old girl named Simeon, to Francis's record company signed a contrac Cheap air jordans for sale t. But in the process of signing, a surprising thingThe Jordan Super.Fly 4 is the next installment of the Jordan Super.Fly series set to release from Jordan Brand. This silhouette is one of the more popular shoes from the brand aside from their Air Jordans series. Advertisment Adding some upgrades while keeping its traditional look, the Jordan Super.Fly 4 is built with a one-piece, no-sew base that offers mesh detailing for lightweight breathability. The shoe keeps its Zoom cushioning that looks to be complete with FlightPlate. An external heel counter is built on the back for stability for the foot for all motion movement. As of right now there is no exact release date set for the first launch of the Jordan Super.Fly 4, as reports have them debuting later this October 2015. Check out the detailed ph cheap jordans for sale otos of one of the upcoming releases as well as a few other colorways below and let us know what your first thoughts of the silhouette are in the comments section? Source: US11Fear of God is one of the most popular brands in recent years Street enthusiasts concerned and the host Jerry Lorenzo, there are more strict requirements on brand attachment. Its earlier release of the first pair of Military Sneaker is undoubtedly the best example of the trip to Italy more than 100 times proofing, thus bringing out this popular hot work. Recently, the brand also once again brought us new second colors, this is still mired in earlier Military Sport wind hit, through high quality fabrics and Italy fine workmanship, the shoes of the luxurious place filling completely, different from the first white sole Retro jordans for sale s, this time the translucent light brown in texture instead. Still at the same time, to bring a new avant-garde visual experience. It is reported that the new Military Sneaker price of $$1095, will be on sale in July 30th, interested friends must not miss.[Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] As of the second quarter report Nike released on November 30 showed that its net profit $ 384 million, up 18 percent drop, while China business, whether sales or orders number have declined, driving down the overall level of profitability. Forced by competitive these domestic counterparts, like Nike, Adidas foreign brands have been involved in the promotion battle, often sold at a discount product. Nike China sales fell 11% According to Nike, the company reported second-quarter earnings, the second quarter of the fiscal year ended November 30, the net profit of $ 469 million from last year fell 18 percent, recorded a $ 384 million, mainly due to Umbro ColeHaan two business losses and $ 137 million. Recalling the previous quarter, Nike's net profit was $ 567 million, down 12%. But it is worth noting that the weak Chinese sportswear consumption have affected supplies from local brands to foreign brands. Nike from $ 5.55 billion last year rose 7 percent to $ 5.96 billion in the second quarter Revenue. However Among them, China's sales performance was compared with North America, Japan and other emerging markets appear to be weak. Sales from the Chinese market, fell 11 percent to $ 577 million. Meanwhile, in December this year to April next year, Nike shoes delivery orders increased 6% to $ 9.3 billion, down from 13% last year. The orders from China has declined 6 percent, and some analysts believe that Nike's sales in China would not have improved at least the next six months. inventories increased involvement in promotion battle With the economic slowdown in China lead to a decline in consumer demand, many sports brand performance are affected. In the mall, the reporter saw, in addition to local brands, but because of competitive these domestic counterparts, like Nike, Adidas foreign brands have been involved in the promotion battle, frequent discounts to sell their products. Nike official store, the reporter saw part of the Nike sports apparel and shoes are playing 6-7 fold range. From the transaction, the number of goods in 2011 still show the old stock. In the Adidas Lynx official flagship store, the discount rate is more powerful, from 4% to 9 fold range. Nike side said that the Chinese market is indeed facing the challenges of high retail inventory levels appear early this year has been efforts to reduce inventory in China. specifically for the apparel brand name to build a promotional platform for the purchase, general manager Jiang Zhongping, told reporters that this year were purchased in Guangzhou to engage in several special promotion, Nike, Adidas dealers are involved, and promotional efforts are very large, up to 1 -5 fold. "A lot of dealers are 4.5 fold to get the goods, such a low discount, basically lose money selling the visible, not only local brands, international brands actually not better than.." (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News)