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Chinese shoes network September 9 hearing, from shoulder to shoulder together hold a candle to drive When we talk to buy a pair of sports shoes, our mouth is no longer just "Adidas", "Nike ", more local brands which we are familiar: Peak, Li Ning [24.75 1.85%], 361 & deg; ...... With the strengthening of sales promotion and strength of these local sports brands have the strength and challenge the multinational sports brand in the capital. "I hope that one day, the Olympic can an international brand identity to challenge Nike and Adidas." Peak CEO Zhi-Hua Xu told the "China Sankei Shimbun" reporter says. Once upon a time, we are still studying hard. Then the bedroom lying about players will talk, they say, their clothes, their anecdotes, all our talk, but also our role models. At that time, everyone is very simple, simple food and clothing, not for the rest, just wa cheap jordans for sale mens nt to be able to in the sports arena when the game time, the foot can wear a pair of Nike shoes have a "check mark" logo. Now, when we talk to buy a pair of sports shoes, our mouth is no longer just "Adidas", "Nike", more local brands which we are familiar: Peak, Li Ning, 361 & deg; ...... they show their charm, as we know, has become our partners in struggle when the sports arena. wrestling world giants As a world-renowned brand, whether it is "Nike" or "Adidas", which is sparing no effort at all to promote their brands. And China's sports brands also came to understand this point, beginning in the battlefield with these two sports brands in the world giant began wrestling. For example, the use of NBA's influence in China in the past two months, China has almost become NBA players a stage show. From Nike June NBA star turned China trip began, Adidas, Pick, Anta an Retro jordans for sale d other sports brand, have their contracted players to China, including Kobe Bryant, Howard, Kevin Garnett, Kidd, Durant nearly 20 NBA super players, team strong enough to compete with the US basketball Dream Team. Despite their own master, such as Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant on behalf of Nike, Adidas Howard wearing LOGO, Garnett Anta cooperation and launched its own brand KG, Kidd also has its own Exclusive boots, but they are purpose of this trip is very consistent - to promote their endorsement of the brand, signing new shoes, to please the fans and consumers. Obviously, Pick, Anta and other domestic brands no longer willing to play a role of princes reading. With the strengthening of sales promotion and strength of these Chinese brands have the strength to challenge the multinational sports brand. However, although the domestic brands and multinational brands have Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping been close in number and level of players, but in the NBA to promote the brand culture and temperament convergence, the domestic brands Nike and originated in the United States, as well as NBA shirt sponsor Adidas there are many gaps. the Capital Institute of Physical Education, Professor Lee Sang-as in the "China Sankei Shimbun," told reporters that the Chinese local brands and world-renowned sports brand lies in the gap in two ways. One is brand of independent property and time of accumulation, and the second is the cultural connotation of the brand. Lee Sang, such as that some domestic local sports brand Jigong aggressive in the beginning of the birth, deficiencies. Just for the interests of compromise and operations, but they ignore the vision of the establishment. This comparison, then compete with established contractors. Fortunately, some domestic brands have Retro jordans for sale also begun to realize this. In Peak CEO Xu Zhihua opinion, brand marketing is like a basketball game, a team only to five different positions to maximize the potential of the players can change dramatically "chemistry." By the same token, only fully mobilize as many marketing resources, will it be possible to win in an increasingly fierce marketing battle. Also proved the correctness of the strategy of Olympic. According to third-party research firm ZOUmarketing data show, Pick beyond Nike, Li Ning became the highest volume of Chinese basketball sports brand. As Lee Sang said the data also reflects the brand's initiative. A good brand in the world to get their approval first, to make people love and acceptance. At this point, whether or Olympic Li Ning have done well. The competition is a marathon a brand is not overnight achievements. Similarly, movement of the ma Cheap air jordans for sale rket competition is bound to be a long-distance running, the temporary leader does not ensure final victory. In the international market, Adidas used to be the king of this market, but now Nike has begun to lead. In the Chinese market, Li Ning has been thriving, but now, with the rise of Anta, China Dongxiang [4.20 0.00%] and special steps such as sports brand, has formed a crowded situation. Once the Chinese market leader Li Ning, after the first throes of losing market position, it began to rise strongly. In 2009, China's largest sports brand to more than 8 billion yuan in sales, the market in China has become second only to surpass Adidas sports brand Nike. This year, Li Ning abandon the old LOGO, start a new design of a new logo and a new slogan "make the change", Nike began to attack. temporarily in behind Olympic did not give up the pace to catch up. From the o cheap jordan shoes for men utset, this left specialization and internationalization of Chinese sports brand, has fledgling, dashing. Cooperation from simple ads to the NBA with the team, then the star's endorsement, finally reached an official partnership, and the formation of an international NBA players "TEAM", the Olympic brand awareness, sales and profit margins have been the rapid increase, has entered the second camp. So, how should a sports brand to the world? Lee Sang answer as given is: "focus on national culture, to maintain broad minded." Only accompanied by cultural output, so that the brand's cultural connotation to the product, so that the layout of integration of an international perspective and the local culture, the strength of the brand enjoys popular support. This is, in the choice of Olympic celebrity endorsements have been confirmed: NBA star endorsement in signing 12 player Cheap air jordan 12 ovo s, and Jason Kidd, Shane Battier and other Americans, for the US market; Pietrus French, concerned that the Western European market; Vujacic Serbs, saw in Eastern Europe; and Dikembe Mutombo are Africans, the mysterious continent will also be an important Olympic international strategic pivot. Today, the Olympic products through national distributors, has been sold to Japan, Korea, Europe, the Middle East and other dozens of countries and regions. internationalization is not just the product can be sold abroad. Internationalization must be the basis of a professional, and should have an international research and development efforts, international talent, international market sales and marketing resources and international sales channels. Chinese brand design and development center has been opened to the world's largest sports brand Nike's headquarters. More recently, cheap foamposites attempts to aid Anta Garnett signing machine to enter the overseas market. The Olympic in Los Angeles preparing for the establishment of branches and the United States R & D center, and is in negotiations with several large retailers in the United States, is expected to officially open later this year in the United States for business. All this indicates that China's domestic sports brand is gradually catch up with the pace of cross-brand, to the world.Nike Mag or will be 2015.9 .8 days listed 2014-09-09 11:06:53 Nike Mag to be commercially available in 2015, the message has long been widely circulated for a long time, and Nike is the official has not been give a positive answer. Recently, the network was speculation Nike & nbsp; Mag is likely in the September 8, 2015 a commercial, because the protagonist in the movie Back to the Future's day is on the 8th September 2015, cheap jordans for sale but the sale of whether the message is true, can not be determined yet. We can only hope that Nike will soon release an official message to eliminate the printing of gossip. & nbsp; finally came FILA 2013 ?? Grant Hill 2 Retro 2013-12-08 22:57:28 Italy shortly before the former ace sports shoes brand FILA engraved Stackhouse's signature shoes & nbsp; FILA Stackhouse, This can not help but let us recall once FILA's other ace spokesperson - Grant Hill, then led by Hill and Stackhouse, FILA basketball shoes had briefly brilliant time. In everyone's much-anticipated, as the wave of retro rewind, FILA has finally announced plans to Hill's personal signature shoes & nbsp; FILA Ninety Six & nbsp; engraved message, and re-named Grant Hill 2 Retro, to emphasize engraved its identity. There is no available information this Grant Hill 2 Retro, I want to relive the classic 1990 cheap jordans online s basketball shoes FILA friends can pay close attention to our follow-up reports. Ronnie Fieg x Asics shoes serpentine 2013-12-08 22:56:13 Spy Shots famous American shoe designer in New York & nbsp; Ronnie Fieg has repeatedly cooperation with Asics, bringing the total products abroad is welcomed and applauded. This time & nbsp; Ronnie Fieg hand again Asics, to the hottest idea of ??creating serpentine. Although still only a spy, but we can see from the picture this pair of shoes using cooperation serpentine material wrapped golden shoes. There is no specific information on this shoe, but in accordance with Ronnie Fieg practice, should soon have a clear picture as well as information released. adidas T-Mac 3 "Orlando" color landed Packer Shoes 2014-05-06 22:46:38 Following the All-Star color, adidas T-Mac 3 "Orlando" color this morning and quietly shelves at Packer Shoes on sale. It is reported that this year in the home color magic McGrady period will also visit the major domestic designated counters in the near future, priced at 999 yuan. We can start with this classic "Blue Butterfly" What?Adizero Boost LTD adidas shoes recently ushered in a new color design, which combines the adidas patented Boost technology, to use the home to bring plenty of cushioning performance, to help move more handy. Now back to the debut of the color design is in the blue lake as the main theme, black outline contour lines, and to be red details and uppers black textured decorative, with a different style. New work is now available for sale in titolo. when the identification of hot line of guest shoes, to support Ma fight against fakes!!! Download the installation and grab a shoe artifact APP-- immediately when the guest artifact!! WeChat search "dunkhome", open the WeChat service number to the lower right corner can be downloaded and installed!! source: HBtoday is the lunar seventh in July, is Chinese Valentine's day. Who are you going to be with? How many points are the single Wang being hurt today? Usually, we can often see the NBA player in the social media show affection, can be described as "fancy child wang". Just want to ask, the female fans are you okay? Wade said on micro-blog: "and who intend to have this China Valentine's day to you? I want to be with my family." The that Wade Chinese row with his wife Gabrielle so, this year he is together with his wife China. Nick young singer Iggy Azalea and rujiaosiqi, two people often bask in happiness in social media. At the 30 year old birthday party, with Iggy to marry him. Lavin also have beautiful girlfriend, the Raven was born in 1995. and his girlfriend in the seaside resort of ravenna. Vanessa at the age of 17, Kobe, two people love to develop rapidly, Kobe, regardless of his family's opposition insisted on marrying Vanessa. Although in 2011 the two sides had a divorce, but less than two years they again rekindle. in the 2014-15 season after the end of the Lakers, Kobe with Vanessa swim in europe. Kobe and Vanessa have 2 daughters. curry and his wife Ndiaye Shakespeare's childhood. They met in a church, two people in 2011 into the marriage hall. The library has a very lovely daughter Riley, and in July of this year, the family has come a new member, Riley has a sister! MVP, Western champion, championship, every milepost curry, Shakespeare Ndiaye together with him to witness. rich handsome Chandler Parsons was photographed with the model Toni Gaen shopping together. Parsons to Gaen birthday together. source: NBA China's official website