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After in Edison Chan on his personal Instagram published the CLOT will be launched in cooperation with Nike big red Air VaporMax message only in the past two days, the two sides signed the official figure in today appeared in the network. From the website of Sneaker News shoes of the picture, but we already know there will be tong cheap jordans online ue CLOT words, on the left shoe heel of this pair of shoes will also have the CLOT logo appears. In addition, these shoes will be available in black and red with two laces. I believe that with the official photos coming out, this pair of CLOT and Nike joint new shoes will also soon meet with you. PUMA and spoken words project of the Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping Japan art unit joint cooperation in 2017 to the third bomb series. The name "ewohaku" is the theme of planning, the use of PUMA in the season Basket shoes as the prototype, inspired by Japanese novelist abekoubou's works of "sand girl". Designer Asuda Masahiro random combination, with countless changes pattern effect used in shoes Cheap air jordan 12 ovo is the biggest feature of this series of cooperation, cooperation in the global third play only a limited 450, priced at 25000 yen.Japan's leading fashion footwear UBIQ Until this year, it is already the tenth year of the birth. In order to make this meaningful year become people attention, they also recently launched a very very Ja cheap jordans for sale panese culture footwear --ONE PIECE x UBIQ Fatima "Tony Tony Chopper Edition"! Atlas released from this point of view, this shoe features a reindeer and black suede uppers, the heel is pink big "X" LOGO, so from this feature we can clearly feel it It inspired all from One Piece Cute Chopper. It is reported that this footwear will FL Retro jordans for sale AUGE with ZOZOTOWN shop in sale recently, favorite friends can look at. Source: freshnessmagA-COLD-WALL released a group limited series recently for fashion H.LORENZO, including coats, trousers, shorts, David TOTE bag into a single product, which destroy the elements of the coat and the TOTE package, can be said to be the highlig Cheap air jordans for sale ht of a single product series. if you like, you might as well go to the H.LORENZO online store to buy it. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! Do you still remembe cheap foamposites r the Sneaker Con Chicago Fragments Design X black station pair Air Jordan 1 Sample, this pair of shoes "joint" tempt the appetite of many game player, although the last was officially confirmed the virtual money shoes lost, just @US8_Custom custom works. believe that many readers familiar with US8 friends, we all affectionately cheap jordans for sale mens called him "brother know", then "know brother" in the end is what kind of person, today Xiaobian take you to see what. last Friday, Xiao Bian visited US8's studio in Xiasha, Hangzhou, and chatted with him about his shoes. many custom shoes with different styles are born on this little work table. GET: How did you get started Retro jordans for sale with custom shoes? US8: just contact, that is, high school graduation just then, that time is relatively empty, germination of this idea. That time is a sum of a painting out late, know the airbrush printing, using templates and other tools, he also began to try to do. GET: you said that you were doing it by yourself at first. Th cheap jordan shoes for men en how did you develop a studio? US8: a sophomore at that time because fewer orders, I myself as a sideline, then orders, took to my college roommate, I play friends, and junior high school students (laughs), now graduated from college, now it becomes. GET: who is the most impressive tailor in the field of custom shoes? US8:Mache, he can be said to be the most famous in the world. There are flying man, he is the earlier contact with this line, is also very powerful, then there is no accurate customized shoes this industry concept, he is the earlier attempts to put the shoes as custom custom occupation division, he began to do this from 12 years to have custom-made shoes promotion big role. GET: is there any difference between domestic and foreign shoes? US8: the market is relatively mature abroad, we started not too late, and now this gap is not so great. Domestic custom shoes are generally worn, in the United States, many are collections, consumption concept is not the same, there are also some professional players also like custom shoes, and even wearing custom shoes on the game. GET: what's the custom in the domestic circle now? US8: a lot of old shoe buffs may not be able to understand now, including they think we're destroying shoes, but many young people are more comfortable with custom shoes. G〉